Type rdp in search

Add your computer name.

Select Show Options at the bottom left, you will be on the General tab. Enter your netid and select Allow me to save credentials as shown.

If you need to use multiple screens you can click on Display and select Use all my monitors for the remote session.

Go back to the General tab Save As.

Select Desktop then save the session.

You should be able to see the saved session on your Desktop.

Double click on the Remote Desktop icon and start your session.

Double Click on the Bomgar icon on your desktop.

This will open a page where you can enter they key that will be given to you by the tech.

If you are using Chrome the file will be in the lower left corner .

Double click on the file and click run.

Click allow to give the tech access to your computer

Select yes to allow the tech to make changes

If you are using Firefox click save file

The file will be located in the top right corner of the browser.

Click on the file and select run.

If you are using Edge or IE

Click on click here

You will be prompted at the bottom of the screen select open and the software will run.

By Tom Warren@tomwarren  Jul 24, 2019, 8:51am EDT.

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Microsoft has accidentally released an internal-only version of Windows 10 to testers, revealing a new Start menu design. The software giant has distributed Windows 10 build 18947, meant for internal Xbox development, to Windows Insider testers using 32-bit devices. It’s an internal-only build from the company’s canary branch, and yet Microsoft has published it to all Windows 10 testers whether they’re in release preview, fast ring, or even slow ring testing….. continue reading

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Verizon Communications’ robust 5G rollout for this year remains on track.

“We are on course — we will have those 30 cities up by the end of the year,” Verizon Communications executive vice president and group CEO, Verizon Business Tami Erwin said on Yahoo Finance’s “The First Trade.” “We are really excited about it because as we begin to get some momentum behind this and as we begin to get more hardware in the market, we can do this faster and faster.”

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