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The Education Portal: . Most all academic systems can be accessed via the Education Portal, and most will have single sign-in. Please make sure you login first by clicking on the “Login” tab over on the left in the top nav. Canvas will require a separate login. Remember to logout and close your browser when done.

Canvas is the course management system for all your course material, lecture slides, etc.

Education Management System (EMS or EduMan)
is the main system used for Evaluations, Grade Book, rotation Lotteries and the Dean’s Letter.

TurningPoint audience response system Students can respond to questions using a registered mobile device through the app or website.

SOCRATES is a Searchable Online Curriculum Repository and Teaching Encounters System – i.e., a repository of all teaching material that can be searched for keywords to see where certain topics and material were taught across all years.

Digital Media is a cloud-based repository for current (starting with Academic Year 2019) podcasts and internal video repository for archived (prior academic years) podcasts for all courses.


Canvas learning platform

Turning Point


NJMS Education Portal

Applications that can be accessed via NJMS Education Portal

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Mersive Solstice

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NJMS Room Reservation System


Synergist (SFHCC)

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