IT@NJMS has developed a prototype wayfinding app that can be found at:

The proof of concept is focused on the various educational, event and other public areas of the MSB B level. Some similar areas on the MSB C level (e.g., the Dean’s Office, can be found via typing Dean in the Search bar). Main search categories include:

Classrooms (green)

Conference Rooms (purple)

Event Space (light blue)



Office Space (dark blue)

Student Space (orange)

Bathrooms (yellow)

The app aims to help with internal navigation in and around, and to other points of interest near, the main floor of the Medical Science Building.

Besides the web link, iOS and Android versions of the app are currently in beta and will hopefully be released soon.

The app, based off Google Navigation, also supports external navigation to the school, and will attempt to use your current Position (if enabled locally on your device) to provide you with directions to the school and within the MSB B level. Thus, if you are hosting or sponsoring an event, you could include the link with any event material to help with event attendees or visitors to the school in general.

We appreciate any feedback you may have in using the app to make it better. Let us know if you have any questions, and thanks,

If you have any questions or need assistance on this topic or other IT matters, please contact IT@NJMS at

If you are looking for other buildings in regards to Rutgers Newark Campus, please refer to: