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Below is a summary of IT products and services for Educational faculty and staff. Any questions on any of the items below can be directed to IT@NJMS at .

Below are the various academic systems that you may use or come across here at NJMS.

Audience Response
Clinical Encounters Log (CEL)
Education Management System (EMS)
Virtual Microscopy

For more detail on each system, see the Academic Systems page.


If you need administrative rights to your local computer, you need to apply for Admin Rights at the RBHS IT Registration site.


IT@NJMS supports various internally hosted cloud file sharing services to assist educators with both internal and external file collaboration, sending large files, and synching files. Information on Filelocker, ownCloud, and NJMSARC can be found at Cloud Services.


Online Email access is available either thru the RBHS Portal or directly by going to Exchange Mail.

If you want to use the Mail app on your phone, you will need to Register your phone and abide by the security requirements.


Faculty Profiles information can be updated through the NJMS Intranet.


If there are IT components that will be part of a grant request, please feel free to reach out to IT@NJMS for discussion and information on the IT infrastructure and support that can be included in your grant application.

You can use the following paragraph in your grants for IT support.

Our office will provide primary technical support for your team (faculty, staff, and students). IT@NJMS supports the educational, research, and clinical missions for both the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and the Newark Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Products, services, and support are provided across the following areas: Academic Systems, Application & Web Support, the Audio Visual Center, and User Services (Help Desk, Network Access, and Server Support). IT@NJMS is comprised of 15 staff that support the following environment: a user community of approximately 700 students, 1100 staff, 2000 full-time and part-time faculty, 450 graduate students, and 600 residents; switched Ethernet hard-wired and wireless networks; a virtual server environment that supports over 50 applications and numerous web sites; 100 TBs of research data storage, including encrypted and cloud based storage and backup, as well as an HPC system in support of the bioinformatics and genomics core; a video storage, streaming, and annotation environment; a student computer lab & training facility; and, audio-visual support for 3 buildings, which include 2 large lecture halls, 3 seminar rooms, 19 PBL rooms, additional meeting rooms and other venues, and an IP based video-conferencing system. Technical support is provided for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers and servers, various smart phones and tablets, and the application and web development framework supports ColdFusion, PHP, Oracle, SQL, MySQL, Java, and the Adobe suite of products.


If you want to have anything posted on the Digital monitors, need help w promoting News, Events, Seminars, etc., the contact is Iveth Mosquera at


The RBHS IT Registration site allows you to register for the following – Admin Rights (to your local computer), VPN or Remote Access to the network (e.g., working from home), and Wireless, among other things.


To see a list of available software as well as licensing info, login to the Software Portal


General Data storage is available to all faculty and staff through the Core servers, H: (Home) drive, J: (Department share) drive, and / or K: (Restricted share) drive.


Video Conferencing is available in MSB B610 and B617. B610 holds around 125 and B617 holds around 10-40 people depending on how the room is broken out. For more information, please contact .

VPN (Remote Access)

You can register for VPN at the RBHS IT Registration site.


First, register for wireless at the RBHS IT Registration site. Then connect to the RBHS Wireless network called RUHealthSciences. This is the network you should join. You will also see other SSID networks broadcasted.

a. There are RUWireless and RUWireless_Secure. These are the legacy Rutgers wireless networks and you can also join them but only RUHealthSciences has been configured to provide access to all RBHS assets. If you are on another network, you may not be able to reach everything. Please see RU Wireless for more information on how to connect to those networks.

b. There is also Eduroam, this is an international wireless network standard that provides visting faculty and staff from other participating universities from around the world access to local wireless networks using their originating university login credentials. Please see Eduroam for more information on how to connect to this network and a list of participating institutions.

c. UHWireless and UHGuest are for the hospital.

d. There is also a mechanism for creating temporary guest wireless accounts for visiting scholars, etc. Just email IT@NJMS at

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