WiFi is available throughout the RBHS campus. Your device should pick up the ‘RUHealthSciences’ SSID connection. Simply choose this option and use your NetID and password to connect to WiFi. Please note, you must register for wireless access at the RBHS IT Registration site before connecting. Click the drop down and select Wireless Access.

Other WiFi SSIDs such as RUWireless & RUWireless Secure are also available and can be used for Internet access but please note only RUHealthSciences is configured to allow you access to all the electronic assets that you will need as a student. If you are on RUWireless or RUWireless Secure you may not be able to reach certain things. Please see RU Wireless for more information on how to connect to those networks.

Posted on July 15th, 2013 by tssadmin

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