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What is Video @ NJMS?   Video @ NJMS encompasses back-end and front-end hardware and software  to provide a single area for your Video needs. It allows you to:

Annotate a Video   Edit a Video (coming soon)   Link a Video   Podcast a Video   Share a Video Stream a Video     Upload a Video

Video @ NJMS provides storage, converts lecture audio and video  PowerPoint presentations into podcasts. It also converts and enables Clinical  Skills Center videos to be annotated with commentary. Users can also upload and  tag videos to store, create links to be used within Angel or a website, as well  as share with a course or a particular user. In addition, Video @ NJMS can act  as a streaming server.

For more information or if you need assistance, please contact IT @  NJMS at .

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Posted on July 15th, 2013 by tssadmin

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