Academic Systems

Audience Response System
ARS allows audiences and students to participate in presentations or lectures by submitting responses to interactive questions using any mobile device. If you would like assistance on how to use and integrate ARS into your lecture, please contact Courtney Terry-Lewis at .

Camtasia Classroom Technology
Camtasia is the software used in the B552, B556, & B610 to capture presentations and to convert them into audio and video podcasts. It can also be used to create podcasts in other settings such as from your office. For more information, please contact Audrey McNeil at

To ensure that students are seeing an assortment of patients and that all students are receiving approximately the same diversity of experiences, NJMS uses CEL (Clinical Encounters Logging), an electronic log system to record and provide reports to clerkship directors on all students’ clinical experiences. Access is through the NJMS Intranet . For more information, contact Courtney Terry at

Clinical Skills Center
The Clinical Skills Center (CSC), located in ADMC9, offers a controlled environment for teaching, observing, and assessing a variety of healthcare related skills. More recently, the CSC has incorporated advanced simulation-based training.

EMS (Education Management System) is a home grown system designed specifically to accommodate the needs of the NJMS curriculum. It is an evaluation system that encompasses grade books, lotteries for site and group assignments, and a Dean’s letter component. EMS is accessible through the Rutgers portal within the Education tab via as well as from the NJMS Intranet . For more information about this system or if you need assistance, contact Courtney Terry-Lewis at .

Mersive Solstice is a wireless collaboration tool available in the MSB B540B-D-F small PBL Rooms that supports BYOD content sharing to the main screen in the room. Through the Solstice app, multiple users can wirelessly connect (through RUHealthSciences) laptops and mobile devices of any operating system. Download the appropriate app per operating system at their website. Instructions are available and posted in the specified rooms. However, if you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact IT@NJMS AV at or at 2-4340. They are also located right around the corner from these rooms in B502.

Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS) used here at NJMS and GSBS Newark. NJMS and GSBS staff should contact Courtney Terry-Lewis at for assistance.

The NJMS Educational Portal provides access to most all of your Academic systems.
The Rutgers Portal provides access to your email, financial aid info, and more.

Room & Equipment Scheduling
IT @ NJMS has developed a web application for reservation of rooms & equipment for learning and event space as well as research equipment. Login at REServation using your Core credentials. For more information, please contact us at

Video @ NJMS
IT @ NJMS has developed a solution for the capture, storage, streaming, and annotation of video. All lecture podcasts are stored here. Login at Video@NJMS . For more in-formation, please contact us at

Virtual Microscopy
Electronic pathology and histology laboratory slides will utilize Virtual Microscopy . This is a computer based technology that eliminates the need for microscopes and slide boxes. Pathological and histological specimens that were fixed, sectioned, and stained will be available for viewing on a computer screen.

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