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To open a help desk service ticket re: a technical problem or issue, contact the RBHS Helpdesk at 3-3200 (732-743-3200) or write to . Account & password management can be done at RU NetID Management site. General IT questions re: the services described below can be addressed to while Audio Visual support should be addressed to .

There will be various academic systems that you will be using throughout your time here at NJMS. Below is just a quick summary. For more information, see the full Academic Systems page.

Education Management System (EMS or EduMan) – this is the main system used for Evaluations and as a Grade Book. It can be accessed thru either the RBHS portal within the Education tab as well as from the NJMS Intranet .

Moodle – this is the course management system for all your course material, lecture slides, etc.

Video@NJMS – this is an internal video repository that houses all current and archived podcasts for all courses.

WiFi is available throughout the RBHS campus. Your device should pick up the ‘RUHealthSciences’ SSID connection. Simply choose this option and use your NetID and password to connect to WiFi. Please note, you must register for wireless access at the RBHS IT Registration site before connecting. Click the drop down and select Wireless Access.

Other WiFi SSIDs such as RUWireless & RUWireless Secure are also available and can be used for Internet access but please note only RUHealthSciences is configured to allow you access to all the electronic assets that you will need as a student. If you are on RUWireless or RUWireless Secure you may not be able to reach certain things. Please see RU Wireless for more information on how to connect to those networks.

Please note – if you are a resident in the 180 Market Street dorm, RUHealthSciences should now be available there along with RU Wireless and RU Wireless Secure.

The large lecture halls (B552 – 2nd Years, B556 – 1st Years) have technology in the podium to record, render, and post podcasts of lectures. A copy is posted to Video@NJMS . Also, some courses use the Audience Response System. Students can respond to questions using any registered mobile device.  In addition, there is AV student on hand in each course for both class years as well as general AV staff nearby in B502 in the MSB lobby.

B617B and B619B have an eBeam projector and whiteboard for projection and annotation capture for small groups. B617C and B619C have a large flat panel that can be connected to for presentations.

A general computer lab open to all students is located on MSB C–level, room C632 (next to the escalators). Phone: (973) 972-6789. Hours are generally 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Extended hours are posted on the door. There are also computers and a printer over in the library as well. All printers are part of the PaperCut print quota system.. Students are allocated $25 annually (500 pages at $.05 cents a page). Additional pages can be purchased.

Email can be accessed either through the RBHS portal or directly at RBHS Exchange .

You can also register for Mobile Messaging at Mobile Access (only accessible while on campus) which will allow you to configure your Smartphone (Android or iPhone) to receive Email using the native mobile Mail app, and synchronize your Contacts and Calendar with your RBHS Exchange email account. For more information, please see Registering and Configuring your Smart Phone .

Please note, the Scarlet Apps email account is a separate account and not tied to your RBHS / GSBS email account. Currently, ScarletApps is not used at GSBS.

The NJMS Intranet provides access to EMS.

The RBHS Portal provides access to your email, EMS, and more.

Besides a general Software Portal, RU offers Symantec anti-virus to students through the RU Antivirus Delivery Service (RADS)

The central Rutgers Office of Information Technology (OIT) also provides general IT products and services to the student community. For more information, please see their Tech Guide

Library Resources

Room reservations and room schedules can be made / found at REServations

Graduate student events can be posted on the digital signage monitors by contacting Iveth Mosquera at

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