Outlook for Mac Archiving tool Instructions

Outlook for Mac Archiving tool Instructions

The Outlook for Mac archive tool is an Apple script developed to help Mac users adhere to the  RBHS Email Archiving Policy which states “All email older than 30 days should be archived to the end users local machine, any email older than 30 days may be subject to deletion.”   
There are two versions of the script:

  • OutlookMac-Archive script Email Only (Archives Email Only)
  • OutlookMac-Archive Script Email and Calendar (Archives email and Calendar)
  • Click here to download

Note – It is not necessary to Archive calendar events, this is optional.

The script is designed to run when outlook is started, you may change this option to Manual in step 8, if you like.

When the archive script is run, an Archived Mail folder will be created and any email older than 30 days will be automatically archived to its corresponding folder within the Archived Email folder.



Setup and installation

  • Download the Outlook for Mac Archive script named (OutlookMac-Archive from NJMS Website
  • Copy the file to the Documents folder.
  • Double Click the OutlookMac-Archive file
  • A folder named OutlookMac-Archive Script will be created containing both scripts.
  • Open Microsoft Outlook for Mac
  • Click tools
  • Run Schedules
  • Edit Schedules
  • Click (+) to add a new schedule
  • In the Occurrence area click the dropdown and select At Startup.
  • Click OK
  • In the Action area click the Add Action Button
  • Click the Dropdown and select Run Apple Script
  • Click the Script Button, browse to the Archive Script folder, and select the Archive Script.
  • Click Outlook,
  • Click Preferences
  • Click General
  • Uncheck Hide on My Computer Folders.
  • Name the Script “30 Day Archive

~ Completion ~

If setup properly the script should look like the configuration in Figure 1


Figure 1

  • Click OK
  • Close Outlook.


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