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Posted on April 27th, 2018 by tssadmin

The REServation system is a web based application developed in house for room and event scheduling. The website is located at

After signing in, click on the Room Selection tab to search for the rooms that you want to view their schedule, or if you are looking to reserve a room, meet the requirements for your class, event, meeting, training session, etc.

You can search by building name, room name, room type, or room accessory. Each room will have their location, description, room type and capacity displayed in the search result. Select the room(s) you have in mind by clicking on the check boxes in the list, then go to the Scheduler tab, where you will see the current room usage and availability for the room(s) you have selected.

The default view is daily. You can either click through each day or jump to a weekly or monthly view. If you are looking to reserve a room, from the daily view, select an available time slot that you have in mind by clicking on a open time slot (white horizontal line).

A form is going to pop up asking for more detailed information on your event. Once the form is submitted, an email will be generated automatically and sent to the room manager(s) for the room that you requested. Your request will be considered as pending, shown in the calendar as yellow, until it has been approved by the room manager(s), then the event will be shown in green. You will also receive an email once your request has been approved.

The system has a mechanism built in to prevent booking conflicts as well as support for recurring events. Please log in and give it a try if you have not already.

If you have any questions or need assistance on this topic or other IT matters, please contact IT@NJMS at

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