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Posted on March 28th, 2018 by tssadmin

Today’s Tech Tuesday is from Trevor St. Hill. Trevor joined IT@NJMS in 2006 (he has been part of UMDNJ/Rutgers since 2000) as a member of our Audio Visual Center (AVC). He brings to us his expertise in acoustic, visual and recording equipment, and has a particular interest in photography. Today he is going to share with you some information on microphones.



Proper placement of the lavalier microphone is not that difficult, just follow these simple suggestions. A good technique for lavalier microphone placement for speaking is to place the lavalier between the chest and neck area. The closer it is to the neck the louder the sound pressure resulting in greater sound volume output.

In addition, lavalier microphones come with a battery body pack. It is a good idea to have a jacket, or a white coat, or pants pockets to place the battery body pack while speaking. The pack can also hook to an article of closing.


For related information on this topic:

The Audio Visual Center in B502, located in the lobby of the MSB by the escalators, can also provide headsets and handheld microphones for speaking engagements. You can borrow these as well for creating podcasts in your office that can then be posted on the internal video server and linked to a course page or website.

In addition, the AVC has a green screen that can be used for creating additional visual effects.


If you have any questions or need assistance on this topic or other IT matters, please contact IT@NJMS at



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