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Posted on March 8th, 2018 by tssadmin

Today’s Tech Tuesday Is from Stephanie White. Stephanie is a Application Support Specialist who joined the IT@NJMS team in 2015. She provides assistance to faculty and students on the various academic system tools used on the Education Portal, and provides one on one instructional services as needed. She recently attend a Rutgers and CDW-G sponsored event on Virtual Reality and is going to share with you some of the information she came across at that event below.


Virtual Reality

The Rutgers / CDW-G sponsored event:

As technology starts to mature, it has allowed certain physical procedures to now be done virtually. Medical schools have been inviting virtual reality programs into their lab to teach students certain procedures that are important and cannot be seen by just cutting open a cadaver. For example, a procedure known as cricothyrotomy—which involves making an incision into a specific area of the patient’s neck and inserting a plastic tube through a thin membrane into the trachea—requires accuracy and speed, and can be lifesaving if performed correctly, but deadly if not completed in a timely or proper fashion. Other life-saving skills including intubation, central line and intraosseous catheter placement also require practice and repetition in order to save lives. Which can all be done virtually and repeated multiple times as needed.  Virtual Reality or VR, can also open up a new world of possibilities to experience the tense, real world clinical situations which require rapid thinking and quick analysis for management of critically ill patients undergoing CPR.


For more information on this topic, see:

The HoloLens Project at Case Western

The Holographic Brain Project at UBC

The Virtual Anatomy Lab at UCSF

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