The aftermath of the iPhone battery slowdown

Posted on February 5th, 2018 by tssadmin

In late 2017, news broke that users of older iPhone models experienced slowdowns in performance and even occasionally random shutdowns. It turned out that Apple was putting a hidden feature in its updates to throttle the phones performance in the hope that it could save battery life. When news broke out about this, people immediately thought Apple was doing this on purpose in order to get people to upgrade their phones to get the higher performance they wanted. Thus, in the aftermath people were left confused and not knowing what is true or false.

With an already small battery for the time, the iPhone 6 is going to have issues with lasting 4 years with peak performance. Batteries, screens, processors, RAM, and software keeps advancing. Apple is clearly fine with letting people stay on old devices because they continue to support them, something that is quite uncommon for older phone models in the mobile phone industry.

Apple will in a future update give users the ability to turn on and off the throttling feature. For users who want a faster phone, they can turn it off, but if they want a longer lasting phone, they can turn it on. Also, users can bring their phones to any Apple store and they will now replace the battery on older phones for a discounted rate.

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