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While Skype is generally used for making video calls to faraway friends and relatives, it has assumed a novel and important role at NJMS. New department chairs are carefully selected through ongoing search committee activities—including meetings with the candidates—often taking place over a period of months. An initial part of this process is now conducted via Skype.

Shelly Gelbman, program coordinator in the Office of the Dean, organizes the search process for new department chairs, while an IT@NJMS member of the Audiovisual Center, handles the technical aspects of this part of the search. Skype allows members of the search committee to meet a candidate and conduct a first interview without any actual travel. The virtual meeting is virtually cost-free and also requires far less expenditure of time than a traditional face-to-face meeting.

“Since using the Skype system and avoiding on-campus, first-time interviews, the cost of recruitment has decreased significantly,” explains Gelbman. “Skype has also made the process easier and far more efficient.”

Skype—used only for the first encounter—does not replace the face-to-face meetings of candidates with search committee members, which are so important in making critical decisions regarding the hiring of new department leaders. But Skype gets high marks at NJMS as a tool that streamlines a process by recasting the first step, and effectively moves the candidate-search process forward faster and removes the associated price tag.

For questions regarding using Skype as part of an interviewing process, please contact Shelly Gelbman at For technical questions, please contact

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