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1) Overall
There is the local NJMS IT group and there is also a central Rutgers IT group. Our web site is We provide support for the following areas – Academic Systems, Application & Web development, Audio-Visual services, and User Services (local Help Desk, Network access, and Research data storage). Most access to anything is by your NetID and password.

2) NetID and Password Management
Go to the NetID page to activate your NetID, change your password, create email aliases, etc.

3) Help Desk
The best way to create a Help Desk ticket is to email You can also call the Help Desk at ext. 3×3200. The IT@NJMS general email is

4) Marketing / Digital Signage
If you want to have anything posted on the Digital monitors, need help with promoting News & Events, contact Iveth Mosquera in our Marketing department.

5) Web Sites
Every Faculty member can create their own web profile by logging into the NJMS Intranet located at and then clicking on Edit My Profile. The external profile pages can be found at and your profile page can be found by typing in your name and clicking Submit. For an example of options available under a profile, If you have a lab and want to create a lab web site, just let us know and we can create a shell for you.

6) File Storage
Every person gets access to an H: (home) drive and J: (department share) drive. As a researcher / lab owner, you also get 100 GBs of storage to start on the R: (research) drive. Clinicians or clinical researchers also get 100 GB of storage to start on the S: (encrypted) drive. If you need more space on either the R: or S: drives, then its $50 per 100 GB (one time cost) thereafter. For access to our internal Dropbox like appliance for file storage, sharing, and synching, go to

7) Large File Transfer
There is a limit on the size of email messages that you can send (about 10 MB). If you need to send large files internally or externally, use Filelocker at

8) IST Reg
This site allows you to register for the following – Admin Rights (to your local computer), VPN or Remote Access to the network (e.g., working from home) as well as Clinical Remote Access to clinical apps, and Wireless, among other things.

9) Wireless
The NJMS (RBHS) wireless SSID is called RUHealthSciences and this is the network you should join. You will also see other SSID networks broadcasted. There are RUWireless and RUWireless_Secure. These are the legacy Rutgers wireless networks and you can also join them but only RUHealthSciences has been configured to provide access to all RBHS assets. If you are on another network, you may not be able to reach everything. There is also Eduroam, this is an international wireless network standard that allows faculty and staff from other participating universities from around the world access to local wireless networks using their originating university login credentials. UHWireless and UHGuest are for the hospital. There is also a mechanism for creating a temporary guest wireless account for visiting scholars, etc. Just email

10) Software & Hardware
Available Software and licensing information can be found at For hardware and software purchasing assistance, contact RBHSware at

11) Email
Online Email access is available either thru the RBHS portal at or by going directly to either for Exchange mail or for Sun mail. If you want to use the Mail app on your phone, you will need to register your phone at (while on campus) and abide by the security requirements.

12) Research or Clinical Equipment
If you plan to purchase research or Clinical equipment (e.g., like microscopes, etc.) that need to be on the network they are required to be whitelisted. Please email with the equipment’s MAC address and the Data Jack # and Port Color.

13) Teaching a Class?
Moodle is used for our course sites and Video@NJMS for our course podcasts. Contact Courtney Terry for assistance with these and other educational technology tools.

14) Video Conferencing
Video conferencing is available in MSB B610 and B617b/c as well as at your desktop via WebEx. Contact for assistance with these and other audio visual and multimedia needs.

15) Other useful links or email
The Admin Resource Handbook page can be found at For the Library, go to For Room REServations, go to . Contact Les Michelson at for High Performance Computing (HPC) needs. That group is located on MSB C level across from the escalators along with the general computer lab (20 computers, poster printing). The NJMS computer lab / training facility is located in MSB A555 (15 computers).

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